Located on the edge of the village, right before Hambledon Vineyard, the yurt can be accessed through the side path on the right of the property.

Opening her yurt to the public for the first time, Landa will be exhibiting a selection of original works from the last three years while inviting visitors to participate in an interactive piece World Map to raise money for charity.

Landa’s collage work explores the themes of childhood, heritage, identity, womanhood and belonging. She works with paper, mixed media and is currently experimenting with 3D formats, giving new life to abandoned items ranging from old typewriters to discarded packaging and beyond.

A number of original pieces and limited-edition prints will be available for purchase with 15% of total proceeds going to the John Badley Foundation (JBF).

Through fully funded bursaries, the JBF transforms the lives of children who are able to join Bedales Prep and Bedales Senior from difficult school and home situations in the UK and abroad.

Gravel, grass and a few steps to access yurt.

Limited street & drive parking

Opening times

11am-5pm, 22nd-25th August


  • Jasmine Cottage, East Street, Hambledon, PO7 4RY


  • Telephone: 07951 565218
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Lesley Self
Creative Director