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Born in Hampshire and now Garry has a studio is the village of Sway in the New Forest.

Although working in watercolour, pastel, charcoal and acrylics (and some sculptures), he is best known for multimedia representations of seascapes, landscapes and city scenes using a mixture of collage, acrylic paint and inks. The collage is based on using different textures of papers including handmade textured papers, tissue paper, newsprint, photographs, magazines and even aluminium foil and sandpaper! There is also hardly any brushes used as marks are made with card, credit cards and other objects. Limited edition prints have been made of some works since 2008.

Since 2017 Garry has experimented more with watercolours, re-learning the joy of watercolours with new techniques and new ways of representing artistic ideas. So there are many new works that have been challenging to produce and in some case working on the same subject many times and in lots of different ways. Since returning to art in the late 1990’s, Garry has exhibited locally and nationally including:- The Mall Galleries (London), Royal college of Art, New Forest Art Society, Art for Youth Exhibition, Quantum Art gallery (Old Imperial laundry, London), Bransgore Art Club exhibition, New Forest Show, New Forest Art Trail, Sway Painters, the Affordable Art Fair (London Battersea), Sir Harold Hillier gardens and has exhibited in Hampshire Open Studios since 2016.

MIXED MEDIA – “Life’s too short for lifeless paintings” I don’t set out to produce works that are absorbed and passed over on first glance. I want the viewer to return and investigate many times, seeing something new; different; an element not noticed on first perusal.

Using transparent layers allows under painting, tissue, metal foils or other collage elements to emerge from underneath … emanate from the shadows. Every person sees different themes, textures and hidden shapes as the background reveals itself over time. The subject matter determines the texture items used to represent the active elements of the piece. Fusing everything together with the use of only one 2” brush (for transparent washes) , a roller and “edges” to make linear marks and sweepings that create areas of broken colour over the textured under elements.

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Visitors welcome to my well stocked studio by appointment from 1st August 2020 and any time after that. Email to arrange an appointment.


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