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Please park in the designated parking place half way along Woodhouse. Then walk the 150 yds to the bungalow ‘Glendale’ at the end of the lane.

Ceramics & glass lampwork

Two studios – one for gas fired, thrown individual stoneware & porcelain pottery pieces and the other for Murano glass lampwork, making bead jewellery set with fine silver.

Following a 3 year Arts degree majoring in Ceramics in Durban, South Africa in 1972 and then an apprenticeship at a production pottery in Johannesburg to learn the discipline, routine and continuity of studio work, I opened my first studio in Durban, digging the clay from a neighbouring farmer’s dam, mixing all my own glazes and firing a self-built oil/gas kiln.

After moving to Germany in 1974, to study Industrial Ceramics at the HBK in Hamburg, I started my second studio making stoneware and porcelain production pots. In 1980 a friend and I opened the very successful ‘Galerie der Kunsthandwerker’, exhibiting top British and European Modern Ceramics and Glass artists, which left little time for my own work so in 1988 I left Hamburg for the warm and sunny climes of South Africa to start another production pottery, this time with a large self-built gas kiln.

Due to a devastating traffic accident in 1998, it was impossible to continue the demanding physical work of a potter, so I sidestepped into the world of glass, having the opportunity of learning lampwork and working in the studio of maestro Davide Penso on the island of Murano, Venice, making beads. These are then set with sterling silver to make jewellery to wear and to treasure. Glass is a fascinating medium to work with as it has colour, transparency and is so versatile. It also has many properties that make the techniques similar to working in clay, especially the centrifugal forces.

The call of the clay eventually meant that I am back on the potter’s wheel and fire to 1300⁰C in another self-built gas kiln to make useful and practical items to use and enjoy. As a child of Africa, born in Swaziland, I find the influences of this vibrant continent are again coming to the forefront in my new work. This journey is just beginning!

If you get the same pleasure from my work, then I have achieved my goal.

Moving to Smannell in Hampshire, England, I have opened two very small studios making pots in one and glass beads in the other. Due to limited access the studio is only opened to the public by appointment.

Designated parking place

Gravel path/wheelchair accessible

Opening times

Visitors welcome by appointment


  • Glendale Woodhouse, Smannell, Andover, SP11 6JH


  • Telephone: 07791 731758
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Lesley Self
Creative Director