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Accessible by private car or Bus X5 to 'Village Road' on Jellicoe Avenue.

Chinese brush painting depicted on fans, cards and framed and unframed pictures.

I lived in Hong Kong throughout my childhood where I learnt to speak and write Chinese and later learnt the art of Chinese Brush Painting. I began Chinese painting by learning the calligraphy at an early age which is a good grounding for the skills of loading and manipulating the brush. I later developed this into painting. Because I was brought up in the Far East I am fascinated by their culture and the traditions surrounding their art.

My inspiration comes from my childhood memories and my many visits back to China over the years. I also visit other countries and lots of famous gardens to gain inspiration not only for my own paintings but for my courses. One of my favourite artists is Wu Guang Zhong – a very influential Chinese artist of the 20th Century and in the West I find Georgia Keefe and Tamara de Lempicka inspiring.

I love to paint on all Chinese mediums in the two very distinct styles of Chinese Painting. ‘Meticulous’, which is a very fine, detailed and precise way of painting where you sketch and plan your composition. Or there is ‘Freestyle’, which, as the name suggests, is a much more relaxed and free flowing style of painting where you paint from memory and from your heart. You literally put paint brush to paper and create. ‘Freestyle’ painting gives the painting more ‘chi’ as it is more an expression of yourself rather than rigid exact replicas of what your subject is.

I paint on various types of Chinese paper and silk and on fans and silk cards I run courses locally and give talks and demonstrations to various groups around the country. I also take commissions.

Not wheelchair friendly - small steps.

On street. Limited parking

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  • 91 Village Road, Gosport, PO12 2LE


  • Telephone: 07754 170355
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Lesley Self
Creative Director